Business Transformation

Digital Innovation



Digital is disrupting many organisations and this varies radically from industry to industry. Depending on organisation, disruption could be coming from innovative competitors, emerging technology, new consumer behaviours or countless other drivers. Transformation priorities also vary.



Research and evaluation of Digital transformation on Insurance industry.

Digital could be driving the need for new business models; different relationships with the customer; new products or services; different structures & operating models; major shifts in organisational culture – or a combination of some or all of these. Based on the customer experience, I explored touch points using solution storyboard as well as activities in the insurance distribution pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase process.



Digital transformation occurs inside out as well as outside in.

With users in mind, where there is a need to engage the customers to understand product use, customer sentiment, brand perception, gain insight into customer preferences and market across multiple channels – it will also be equally important to empower the employees (Culture) to rapidly and collaboratively respond to marketing insight to keep up with customers and deliver personalised, impactful and effective messages to enrich customer experience at every touchpoints.